Clémence and Ferdinand


In the aftermath of the Great War, Ferdinand, a civil engineer, is assigned the job of constructing the new port of Dunkirk. Following the darkness of the trenches, he turns to the light of the open sea and the splendour of a meeting with: Clémence.

The tale of a time and a love affair, their story is told through a montage of photographic and film archives and of contemporary images of places, brought to life through their dialogues interpreted by actors.

A sensory exploration of places and bodies, the film shows the eternal beginnings of a love, but also a very strong present, made to one day become, inevitably, a memory of the past.

Clémence and Ferdinand


Year : 2017
Author-director : Florence Mauro
Duration : 92 minutes
Distribution : Les Docs du Nord

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Adaptation: Louis Arnavon, Richard Bean and Florence Mauro

Image: Gertrude Baillot

Sound: Philippe Grivel, Marie Mougel, Claire-Anne Largeron, Adrien Michel and Jean-Michel Tressallet

Editing: Thomas Glaser

Music: Matthieu Deniau

In coproduction with Les Films d’Ici, Studio Orlando and Pictanovo with the support of the Hauts-de-France region.

In association with ARTE France – La Lucarne.

With the participation of the Centre National du Cinéma et de l’Image Animée, the Procirep – Society of Cinema and Television Producers and the Angoa and the Municipality of Dunkirk.

With the support of the Centre of Urban Memory – Archives of Dunkirk, the Nord Archives Centre, the Port of Dunkirk, the Lighthouses and Beacons Department, the City of Dunkirk, the City of Roquebrune Cap Martin City and Avidia.


Selected at the International Festival of Audiovisual Programmes IFPA 2018 – World Premiere