Forgery and archives use

New media

History with a capital H has often bring to light flamboyant characters who embody it.
But, quietly, another story is going around, the one of little people, of supporting roles lost in space-time of history without the prefix “Hi”.
This is the one that will restore the short-com Faux et usage d’archives : when the fiction is interfering to historical account. In our serie, twelve anonymous becomes protagonists who make us live, in a sensitive and roundabout way, small mythologies that, put end-to-end, makes a France history, on a background of archival footage. Fates that one day have collided with the great narrative frame which is history, …our history… because without the small stories, there would be no History.

Forgery and archives use

Forgery and archives use

New media

Under development

Author-director : David Grondin
Co-Author : Caroline Béhague
Duration : 15 x 4 minutes
Distribution : Les Docs du Nord

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Editing: Baptiste Evrard

Mixing: Thomas Rouvillain

Graphic effects: Juliette Legrand (Artistic direction) & Yildirim Fırat (Animation)

Voice: Manue Delplace et Christophe Moyer

Work developed with the support of Pictanovo, images in Hauts-de-France

In partnership with Archipop and INA Nord