The director Vladimir Kozlov went to visit the home town of Cosmonaut, Youri Gagarin. There he met with several moving and funny characters, such as Tchekusov, the “official” poet, Fédotov, the bard of Gagarine, Tamara, the niece of the cosmonaut, as well as his friend, Alexeï Leonov. All of them sustain the memory of the little guy with the smile so typically Russian, who was the first to journey up to the stars.




Year : 2010
Author-director : Vladimir Kozlov
Duration : 52 minutes and 90 minutes
Distribution : L’Harmattan - Utopia Lab

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Director’s assistant: Irina Ivakhova

Image : Christian Deloeil, Olivier Pulinckx and Alain Saurat

Sound: Philippe Fabbri and Joël Castelein

Editing: Fabien Daguerre

Music: Nicolas Debard

Sound editing and mixing: Philippe Fabbri and Cyrille Lauwerier

Calibration: Eric Barlet

Archivist: Cathy Cassin

In co-production with Toulouse Television TLT, Vosges Television Images Plus, TV Rennes 35 / Rennes Cité Média, Les Films de la Castagne, Screen Film, Crossroad Digital Media, Agency Candela Productions and CRRAV – Cinema and Audiovisual Nord-Pas-de-Calais.

With the support of the Midi-Pyrénées Region, of History, of TLSP, of Gindou Cinema and SACEM.

With the participation of the National Center of Cinematography and the Moving Image and the Fresnoy – Studio of Contemporary Arts.