Last catch


In Gravelines, at the foot of the largest nuclear power station in Europe, the water of the North Sea is warm all year round: 23°C/73°F. Against all reason, fish proliferate in this hyper-industrial milieu, to the great joy of the fishermen.

But the land around the power station is considered to be a military terrain and the access granted to fishermen is based only on a tacit understanding between them and the local authorities. Nonetheless, for 40 years, here, surrounded by barbed wire, on this vague and inhospitable site that they have made their own, they feel at home.

Last catch


Year : 2017
Author-director : Baptiste Janon
Co-Author : Rémi Pons
Duration : 52 minutes

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Commentary: Philippe Grand’Henry

Picture: Francisco Rodriguez

Sound: Jérémy Morelle and François Julien

Image editing: Aurélia Balboni and Francisco Rodriguez

Sound editing: Héléna Réveiller and Ingrid Simon

Sound effects: Bertrand Boudaud and Olivier Thys

Music: Ségolène Neyroud

In coproduction with Helicotronc, France Televisions, RTBF, Pictanovo with the support of the Hauts-de-France Region and the Wallonia Brussels Federation.

With the support of the National Center of Cinematography and the Moving Image and the tax shelter.