Marcelia and the oval ball


Marcelia, 16 years old, lives in a fishing village in the south of Madagascar. Since 2014, life has changed in Antsepoka with the arrival of the oval ball, especially for the village's young women who invest in the game of rugby just as much as the young men. They train and dream of being among the first selection of young women players from the south of the island to be invited to the capital to compete with the country's best players. Marcelia, who astonishes everyone with her agility, her speed, and her intelligence, becomes increasingly confident, to feel that she exists and no longer fears men. The film tells the story ofher odyssee towards recogbnition and emancipation.

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Marcelia and the oval ball


Year : 2017
Author-director : Christophe Vindis
Duration : 52 minutes
Distribution : Les Docs du Nord - Rambalh - ADAV - Béliane - Terres en Mêlées - OI Films

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Image: Jean-Christophe Gaudry

Sound: Jean-Marc Pédoussaut

Editing: Gilles Pédoussaut

Music: Julien Taillefer and Benoît Lebrun

In coproduction with France Télévisions and NoLiTa PROD.

With the participation of the Centre National du Cinéma et de l’Image Animée, the Procirep – Society of Cinema and Television Producers and the Angoa.

Work written with the support of the Occitanie Region.

Awarded at the Festival des Imprévues in Lille 2018 – Jury Prize

Awarded at the Festival du Documentaire et du Livre sportif 2018  – Jury Prize

Selected at the Festival Rencontres à la Campagne in Rieupeyroux 2018

Selected at the Festival Films Femmes d’Afrique in Dakar 2018 – Medium-length documentaries

Selected at the Festival Rugb’Images in Albi 2018

Selected at the Festival L’Acharnière in Lille 2018

Selected at the Festival Lumière d’Afrique in Besançon 2019