Martinique Bikini


In Ducos, just a few kilometres from Fort-de-France, Aimée welcomes us to her gynaeceum. Her fitness club brings together women from various walks of life, ready to take on new challenges under the expert eye of their coach, a former bodybuilding champion.

The objective is clear: to grace the podium for the Miss Bikini competition which will take place in two weeks' time. With fine abdominals, buttocks and tongues, each of them speaks frankly and without pretense about their experience. Through their sport, or between two training sessions, that's the life of women from Martinique who tell their stories in a shocking cocktail: Martinique bikini.

Martinique Bikini

Martinique Bikini


Year : 2015
Author-director : Dominique Fischbach
Co-Author : Léa Pernollet
Duration : 52 minutes
Distribution : Les Docs du Nord

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Image: Jean-Marc Bouzou

Sound: Denis Guilhem

Editing: Josiane Zardoya

Music: Théo Bouet – Vaati

In coproduction with France Télévisions.

With the participation of the Centre National du Cinéma et de l’Image Animée, the Procirep – Society of Cinema and Television Producers and the Angoa and the Martinique region.

With the support of the Images of Diversity Commission – CGET / Acsé and with the Delegation for the rights of women in Martinique.

Selected for the International Pan-African Film Festival IPFF 2016