Noa from Picardie


This is a story of crossroads.
When the path of a Parisian woman who comes to settle in the Baie de Somme crosses that of a teenager who dreams of leaving to join the capital.
It is the story of a large family built around Noa, 17, whose ambition is to become the best pastry chef in the world. A story that tells how, since his childhood, he does everything in his power - seduction, willpower and hard work - to achieve his dreams.



Noa from Picardie

Noa from Picardie


Year : 2021
Author-director : Caroline Roussel
Duration : 52 min

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Video editing : Georges Tillard
Music : Jean-Christophe Cheneval and Yan Volsy

Coproduction Arturo Mio – Stéphanie and Caroline Roussel, STM « Wéo »

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