The court of tales


Nothing goes more in the tales of Hauts-de-France!

Throughout the territory, white beasts, skeletons, defrocked heroes and other emblematic characters of our regional heritage keep coming out of their respective roles. The court of tales intends to put these troublemakers face their responsibilities. Each episode, a character drawn from the regional imagination, will be on the dock, facing an absurd justice and wacky.

This series is inspired by the humor of Monty Python, Kaamelott and, more recently The Little History of France, and will be written with the help of storytellers in our region.

The court of tales


Year : 2019
Author-director : Sylvain Parfait
Duration : 10 x 2 minutes
Distribution : Les Docs du Nord

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Judge: Dominique Thomas

Lawyer: Ludovic Darras

Accused: François Decayeux

Jury: Fanny Balesdent et Alix Salingue

Bourrelle: Hélène Van Geenberghe

Storyteller: Yannick Becquelin

Illustrations: Pierre Dekerle

Costumes and makeup: Emeline Béranger et Amandine Delattre

Decor: Pierre Dekerle

Image: Basile Minster et Bastien Pradeau

Sound: Axel Wursthom

Editing: Sylvain Parfait

In coproduction with Wéo, with the support of the Hauts-de-France district, in partnership with the Centre National de la Cinématographie et de l’Image Animée , as part of the contract of objectives and resources (COM) 2017-2021 : support to Local Televisions.

In coproduction with Bulldog Audiovisual Association.