Theatre of the elders


In 10 years, Martinique will be the "oldest" department of France. On this island, the complex problems of aging keep pace with the growing number of elderly people: isolation, inadequate retirement provisions, unsuitable transport options, etc.

But in Lamentin, the members of the OMASS club are in great shape. Sports, digital workshops, theatre, and other fun activities are transforming them into advocates for aging well. Through the characters of their new theatre piece "Kay Man Jo,"  the difficulties encountered by the elderly are brought to light, but also solutions that make it possible to retain the precious assets of  humour and a spirit of solidarity.

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Theatre of the elders

Theatre of the elders


Year : 2017
Author-director : Sylvie Deleule
Duration : 52 minutes
Distribution : Les Docs du Nord - ADAV

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Image: Isabelle Fermon

Sound: Didier Adréa

Editing: Claudine Soubeyre

Music: Emmanuel Valere – Victor O.

In coproduction with France Télévisions.

With the participation of the Centre National du Cinéma et de l’Image Animée, the Procirep – Society of Cinema and Television Producers and the Angoa.