Les Philous

New media

A mediation tool that’s both educational and fun

Based on morality, philosophy and citizenship

For children from 8-10, their parents, and their teachers

Focussed on two important issues for school today:

Moral and civic education, and the place of digital technologies.

There are expressions we use every day without thinking about them:

What if I did it to you?”

I’m not the one who started it!”

What if everyone acted like you?”

These are expressions that « teach a lesson » without saying so.

With Ethok, the heroine of the Philous, her family and friends, children are invited to think about these expressions and to talk about their thoughts from the playground to the classroom, from school to home, with the help of adults.

The package is composed of a series of sketches to be watched on a wide variety of devices (webplatform, on the air, with an application, or paper and digital format books) presenting very short animated sketches featuring the Philous.

Faced with a little problem of daily life, one of them (either an adult or a child) says one of the title phrases.

Later, on the playground, the Philous come back to the incident, each one defening an argument that is consistent with their profile (moralistic or concerned about the consequences, zany or wise).

In this manner, Ethok and his friends get involved in an animated discussion which may be taken up by the children with the assistance of a mediator (a teacher or parent) in order to find a way out together.

The writing of these short stories is marked by simplicityhumour and imagination.

They are all woven on the same narrative frame, made consciously flexible to make it easier for children to get involved, to recognize themselves and participate.


Thanks to the dedicated interactive tool of the Philous, users may:

intervene in the discussion of the Philous using an avatar of their choice;

create an outcome in the form of a drawing or a photograph, etc.;

watch the story in a unique version, enriched by their ideas;

share all of the above on a dedicated platform with other users;

play with the characters in order to prolong the experience.

Original project features:

The proposal of autonomous stories that can be transformed into as many original versions as there are users;

Use of digital technology to collaboratively develop discussions with philosphical ambitions in order to develop a spirit of peaceful coexistence;

The circulation of ideas in a variety of mileux (school, home, recreation centres, after-school activities, etc.);

A tool that has been jointly designed by artists (writers), technicians (developers) and a network of teachers (users) to come up with a tool that corresponds with teaching needs, while retaining its artistic identity and its own style.

Les Philous

Les Philous

New media

Under development

Year : 2017
Author-director : Christelle Didier
Co-Author : Corine Bachy

More about movie

Author of the graphic bible : Bastien Quignon

Animations : Véronique Alvarez

Developer : Julien Alvarez

In collaboration with ESPE – Lille.

Work developed with the support of Pictanovo

Pictanovo within the context of the Interactive Experiments Fund with the support of the Hauts-de-France Regional Council, the European Metropolis of Lille and the National Centre of Cinematography and the Moving Image.

Work supported by the Canopé Network – Nord-Pas-de-Calais territory.