These traces that remain


February 14, 1942. Jacques, 15 years old, is stopped by the Gestapo in Compiègne for possession of a firearm. He is deported to the Hinzert concentration camp in Germany on June 18th. Following the Liberation, Jacques does not return. His mother, Emilia, searches for a trace of him for 30 years, but in vain.

In 2015, intrigued by the family silence that had settled in over the years around this disappearance, Olivier Fély-Biolet plunged into departmental, national and international archives, in a quest to uncover the fate of his cousin. There he discovered the terrible journey of "Prisoner NN", and why no one could ever know what had become of him. The story of his disappearance, like that of thousands of opponents of the Third Reich, reveals a little-understood aspect of the regime of terror set up by Hitler between 1941 and 1944.

These traces that remain


Year : 2018
Author-director : Olivier Fély-Biolet
Duration : 52 minutes
Distribution : Les Docs du Nord - Béliane - BNDB Productions

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Illustrations: Vincent Wagner

Image: Xavier Dolléans

Sound: Victor Loeillet

Editing: Edith Paquet

Music: Xavier Méchali

In coproduction with France Televisions, Vigo Films and Pictanovo with the support of the Hauts-de-France Region.

With the participation of the Centre National du Cinéma et de l’Image Animée, the Procirep – Society of Cinema and Television Producers and the Angoa, the Ministry of the Armed Forces, General Secretariat for Administration, Directorate of Heritage, Memory and Archives and the Department of Oise, Directorates of Territories, Sports and of associative life, direction of culture.

Selected in Official Competition at the 38th Amiens International Film Festival AIFF